Who Will Be Voted Off Tonight?

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American Idol

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Last night I didn’t get the chance to watch American Idol……. I know, what’s more impotant on a Wednesday night then American Idol. However I did watch the videos of the performances, and I think this week I’m going to actually get it right.

Last week I was completely shocked that [lastfm]Tim Urban[/lastfm] or [lastfm]John Park [/lastfm]wasn’t voted off. This week I’m sure that Tim Urban will stick around for a few more weeks simple because he has alot of poeple (mainly women like my wife) who think he’s adorable, so regardless if he did terrible he’ll stay. This week is [lastfm]John Park[/lastfm]s week to go home and [lastfm]Jermaine Sellers[/lastfm]. That is my prediction for the guys and I’m pretty certian it’s going to happen, but who knows last week I thought the same and I was completely off.

The Girls are very talented and from watching the video of [lastfm]Crystal Bowersox[/lastfm] from last night just reminded me just how talented she really is. Crystal and [lastfm]Didi Benami[/lastfm] are the front runners for the girls! They are all really great and all have something that pulls you towards them. However two people do have to go home and I think they will be, [lastfm]Michelle Delamor [/lastfm] and [lastfm]Lacey Brown[/lastfm].

This is just my opinion from watching the show, I’m probably going to be wrong but maybe this week I’ll atleast get one right! We shall see tonight!

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