Does Cold Water Clean Clothes?

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OK, so we all know that washing our clothes with cold water saves energy and essentially the environment, but does it work just as well as hot/warm water on your dirty garments?The answer is Yes and No.  Although cold water maximizes the life of your wardrobe, the cold water hinders liquid or powder detergents from dissolving as quickly as they would in hot or warm water.  If it takes too long to dissolve, your clothes may fade because your detergent could be too potent to come in direct contact with your clothes; especially delicates.  Others argue that cold water doesn’t penetrate as well as warm water to get the deep stains or remove grease.  That was pretty much true until LG unveiled its newest front load machine that moves your garments in varying motions allowing the cold water to effectively penetrate and clean just as well as warm water.  For me, I always use cold water and I’ve never had a problem.  It definitely shaves $$ off of your utilities bill and extends the life of my clothes.

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