Fake Pot- Called ‘K2′ Or ‘Spice’- Is Deadly And More – Under The Radar With Robin Marshall

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(Photo credit should read SHAWN THEW/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read SHAWN THEW/AFP/Getty Images)

This happened to My child.  I know her well enough to know, that she wouldn’t mind me sharing this- if it helps YOUR child to live a long and healthy life.  She got lucky- the next child may not.

She’s the type that waves her hand in front of her face when she passes anyone that smokes! LOL! The annoying, ‘non-party’ girl, to others her own age!  Yes… she’s had a beer- in fact one time we had to clean her up pretty well, after she tried one too many- but she’s the type, that once she sees the ill effects, she never does it again.

One night, she was at a friends’ house, and he and his other friends were smoking something that smelled like potpourri.  The boy lived with his grandmother, who apparently had no idea of what was going on in the basement. They asked her once, twice, three times if she wanted to try it.  She said, “No, no… and then giving in decided to try one ‘taste’ as she called it.  She said it ‘burned her throat.’  Amazing what peer pressure can do, even to the most innocent of teenagers.

Jump ahead, 20 minutes- my daughter began convulsing, similar to epilepsy symptoms. The boys, instead of being proactive- sat back and waited to see if this spell would pass. After 45 minutes they went to get the grandmother, who saw she was having trouble breathing and convulsing.  She took it upon herself, without calling US, to bring out a nebulizer, meant for asthma attacks, strapped it on to my kid, and began giving her a treatment.  If you don’t know the side affects of a nebulizer treatment, it speeds up your heart while treating asthma.  Now, as her heart rate was skyrocketing, and the boys decided to call my home.

I was doing mornings on the air here, at the time, so I was asleep, my husband got the call, jumped in the car, found them in the basement, saw the condition she was in, bent down and whispered to her, “What did you do?” She told him ‘Spice.’  He then turned to the boys, and said “What’s Spice?” They told him- he immediately said, “Call an ambulance!”  Lucky he did.

They arrived, took her pressure, which was 200 over 90 something, they gave her meds to bring her heart rate down, did something else to clean the drug out of her system, and began to tell us, that this was a ‘regular occurrence’ amongst teens in the area.  Some die, some don’t.  They said she got VERY lucky.

Back when this happened, only 6 months ago at the most, this product was sold in Convenient Stores and other MAJOR department stores! These kids could just walk in, and make the purchase that could ultimately be the last purchase of their lifetime.  Six months later, it’s illegal to sell in retail stores, but guess what?  I just recently walked in and saw it for sale right there on the counter top.  I asked, “Why are you still selling this?”  The answer- “The ingredient label has been changed, and this now makes it OK with the FDA.”

I looked into this, and found that yes, the labels had been changed, but after testing the product, which labs had just recently done on these label-changed packages, it was still the exact same product! More illegalities on top of continuing to put kids at risk.

So- here’s the article that just came out today in the news, and for your own family’s sake, please read it! We always have to look out for each others kids.  There are too many parents, that look the other way.  We NEED each other, and can pull from each other as resources.

If ever you need to get in touch with me, about issues like this, or bullying, or anything child related, I can be reached at Robin@K1047.com.  It is my pleasure, and I know it comes back around in other ways.

Under The Radar, With Robin Marshall

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