Hello Officer? We’re Lost In A Maze Of Maize! Help!

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(Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Can you imagine taking your family to a haunted corn-maze, for a Halloween tradition, and then getting lost, for REAL, inside the maze?This happened in Danvers,  Mass! If you’ll pardon the pun, a family became corn-fused when they couldn’t seem to make their way out of a maze of maize! Imagine how Stupid they felt!  Although… quite honestly,  I park my car, run into a store, and 9 out of 10 times can’t remember where I’ve parked it when I come out 10 minutes later, so …. who the heck am I to Talk!

The dad actually called 911 after he, his wife and two children got lost in Connors Farm.  If you don’t believe me, read it here,  in the  Danver’s Herald.   The police showed up and found them in 9 minutes, which probably made the parents feel even MORE stupid!  The family was uninjured, just in case you thought there might be severe corn related injuries.

The owner of the  maze  told the Herald. “There is no wire or fence around the maze, so if they really want or need to get out all they have to do is listen for the sound of traffic they can always make their way through the corn rows to the road.”

This is only ONE of the seasonal mishaps that have already happened this year! Last week a man was arrested for punching an employee who worked in a haunted house!  Apparently, the guy did such a good job of scaring the ‘guest’ that he got himself hit in the face because of it! Unreal. You try to do your best at your job, and you get smacked for it!  Talk about a real Slap in the face??  Read about that one here, WAVE 3 in Louisville, Ky.  I’d like to know what THEIR HR department did about This episode!  Wouldn’t you??

Finally, well, … as far as I know so far for this season,….last month, a jogger in British Columbia was hurt after someone threw a pumpkin at her! There HAS to be more to this story!  Take a look here and find out.  Vancouver Sun.

Any disasters that You know of so far? Put em’ up right here!

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