Mom$ense: Save With Super Double Coupons Next Week!

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(Photo credit KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

You can’t say I didn’t tell you…Super Doubles are NEXT WEEK!

I’ve probably mentioned before that one of the things I hated when I first started using coupons was not realizing there was a “coupon event” coming up. Before the dawn of weekly updates from Harris Teeter delivered to my mail box the only way you would find out about Triples was in their TV commercials, getting a call from my sister or by going to the store and seeing all the good stuff wiped from shelf. Once I started learning more about how to coupon I also learned where to find out approximately 1-2 weeks ahead of the upcoming coupon event. Use this information with caution because its not 100% accurate.

Many sources are confirming that next week Harris Teeter will host a Super Doubles coupon event. It will run Wednesday, June 20th – Tuesday, June 26th like the normal sales cycle. Some avid couponers keep annual calendars of when Harris Teeter did a Super Doubles or Triples over the past few years and next week lines up with their past history of coupon events. Sunday’s paper will have two coupon inserts as well as a Target coupon insert so it’s a good weekend to pick up an extra paper, look for stray coupon inserts at your favorite coffee shop or visit the SouthPark Coupon Clippers meeting on Sunday at 2:30 at EarthFare to gather extras of the coupons you want.

So how do people find out? To the best I can figure the companies that print the grocery circulars must have some avid couponers working there. Obviously circulars have to be printed in advance and they always highlight if there is a coupon event. One other coupon prognosticator I’ve gotten info from over the years charts out the cycle of when the coupon events are and the number of weeks between each one. Another uses the 20% wine case sale at Harris Teeter as a leading indicator, it seems that more often than not when the wine sale happens so does super doubles.

Go ahead, roll the dice and mark June 20th on your calendar for the next Super Doubles at Harris Teeter. So what should you do over the next week to get ready?

Start gathering your coupons and getting your stash organized keeping your mind on the high dollar $1, $1.25 and $1.50 denominations. Ask neighbors, family or co-workers to save their coupon inserts from the newspaper so you can get multiple coupons for the things you buy.

Find a website that posts the “matchups” and follow it closely. These sites will give you links to printable coupons you can download from the internet and print from home. MOM$ENSE likes for this purpose. Right now on Southern Savers they are speculating the coupon event as well and have made handy link to all the high value coupons for ease of access. You can also go directly to sites like to print these sites reset their coupons at the beginning of the month which is important to note because the really good coupons usually have a limited number available. Once the print number is reached the coupon disappears until the next reset. So go ahead and print what you are interested in.

Load e-VIC coupons to your Harris Teeter shopper card to stack with your manufacturer’s coupons.

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Saving money is just MOM$ENSE

-Stephanie Hoffman

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