10 Household Items People Say Are Status Symbols

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(Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images)

(Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images)

An appliance company called De’Longhi asked people to pick the top ten status symbols they want in their home. And the results:

1) Hot tub.
2) Walk-in closet. (This was the top choice for WOMEN.)
3) Side-by-side refrigerator-freezer. (They’re not common in the U.K. where the study was done. They call them ‘U.S.-style fridges.’ Who knew?)
4) A stereo system with speakers in every room. (That was top choice for MEN.)
5) 3-D television.
6) Sound-activated blinds and lights.
7) Restaurant-style range stove.
8) Fancy coffee maker.
9) Temperature-controlled wine cellar.
10) Gas grill.

Which brings me to what people thought were status symbols in previous decades:

In the 90s: A black dining room table and chairs, a bread maker, and beige carpeting.
In the 80s: A Commodore 64 computer (totally still have mine), an avocado-colored bathroom (that’s gone though), a garbage disposal and a microwave.
In the 70s: A fondue set, a Betamax, color TV and a minibar.
In the 60s: A washing machine, a sewing machine, colorful kitchen cabinets and an electric carving knife.
In the 50s: A transistor radio, a push-button phone and an electric toaster.

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