X-Factor – Top 12 Recap

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(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

brandon Brandon Chase 3pm-7pm
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So far this year I am still convinced that either Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar or Diamond White will end up winning the $5 Million prize. Even though Diamond White has already been sent home once I believe the producers realized how much potential she has and rushed to bring her back. Remember last years winner, Melanie Amaro, was also sent home but brought back….

Here’s who I think did well enough last night to be safe tonight…

Jennel Garcia…. as Simon said “You are back in the game”… which I thought she was all along but Simon always knows best… right?

Diamond White…. Just good… That’s all.

Lyric 145 – They are really weird and I’m not quite sure why I like them…. but I do. I think they’re really unique (duh) and there’s something about them.. however, I do think that their days may be numbered.

Paige Thomas – I really think Demi Lovato may be trying to create something that Paige isn’t… She may look like Rhianna but I’m not convinced that’s who she should be aspiring to be like…. Paige has incredible vocals and sometimes the outfits and song choices take away from that. None-the-less I still think she’s good enough to go far.

Vino Alan – I’ve always been a fan and I think he’s actually getting better each week..

My Top Two:

Carly Rose Sonenclar – See what I wrote at the top of this blog… she is so good. Probably the best of the night. I’m telling you… she may win and LA agrees!

Fifth Harmony – I knew it the first time they sang together at Simon’s house…. They will go far regardless of what happens during this competition.

Who is at risk of going home? CeCe Frey…. Beatrice Miller and (unfortunately) Tate Stevens.

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