What To Do With That Old Pumpkin Now That It’s The Christmas Season?

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I decorate for the holidays – yup – everyone of them.  It’s Brenda Matthews, and I admit…I ‘overdecorate’ for Christmas – I love the season!  But, at our house, it’s still the ‘shoulder season,’ since we haven’t taken down the corn stalk and pumpkin at the front gate.  In other words, we haven’t ‘transitioned!’  I still have a few little miniature white pumpkins – Baby Boo’s – love them(!) – around my mantle.   My husband Kenny discussed what to do with them the other day.  He wanted to throw them in the trash.  I’m a ‘green’ girl, and if I can re-use or recycle – then I’ll find a way!

I ‘Googled‘ ‘pumpkin recycling’ and found Earth911.com.

If your pumpkins are still in good shape and have been inside your home, yes, you can make tasty treats with the pumpkin ‘meat,’ like pies, puree for pumpkin martini’s (yum!) and pumpkin bars, cupcakes and pancakes.

51560385 What To Do With That Old Pumpkin Now That Its The Christmas Season?

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If your pumpkin, like mine, has been outdoors for a while, they suggest composting your pumpkin, or if you live in a rural area, like I do, cut the pumpkin in quarters, and leave it for the wildlife!  The deer and other furry forest animals will love the pulp (the rest is biodegradable), and the birds and squirrels will love the seeds!

There – that’s my plan!

Need more ideas?  Click here!



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