McAdenville – ‘Christmastown USA,’ Is Open For Business!

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It’s Brenda Matthews, and after I moved here in late 2010, the locals would ask me ‘have you been to McAdenville, at Christmas, yet?  While my hubby and I didn’t make it there our first year, we did last year – and wow!  My girlfriend Ann and her hubby Dan (yes, really - Ann and Dan), who are flight attendants for Delta, flew into town for a quick overnight layover last mid-December, and Ann had read about McAdenville, so we willingly went at her request and the four of us were in awe of this beautiful city and it’s spectacular light show!  What a great memory!

lights distance

If you haven’t ever been to McAdenville,  or if you have, but just haven’t been back to experience the light show lately, make it a point to start a new memory with your family.  This year, I had a chance to take my Aunt Joanne who’s in town for the weekend, and we both marveled and the lights the first night – last Friday, November 30th.  Every year, the lights are bigger, brighter and even more plentiful – it seem, in McAdenville, bigger is better!

berautiufl house

Even the Travel Channel thinks so!  They were in town last Friday afternoon for the lighting ceremony and continued to tape throughout the weekend.  They have a program called ‘CHRISTMAS SHOWDOWN,’ and per Steve Rankin, who took all of these beautiful photos of McAdenville, the show will spotlight “two cities/towns in the U.S.  each year, and McAdenville was chosen this yea to compete against…‘Santa Claus, Indiana!’  Steve’s told that ‘the program will air sometime in late 2013, at that time, the viewers will be asked to vote on the town they like best.’

We’ll revisit McAdenville next year, and we’ll make sure our fair North Carolina city gets the most votes!!!

little house

Back to the past, now… how about a little history?  Here’s what the official website reveals:

“In 1956 the McAdenville Men’s Club conceived the idea of using ights to decorate a few trees
around the McAdenville Community Center (now the Pharr Family YMCA). 

 Nine Trees were decorated the first year.  Mrs. W J Pharr suggested using the traditional
colors of Christmas- Red, Green and White.  

The reaction in those early efforts were so favorable that each year the number of decorated trees
has been increased.  In 2011 over 375 trees were decorated and ranged from 6 feet to more than 90 feet tall.
The number of lights on individual trees depends on the size of the tree and can range from 500 to over 5000.”

victoriean McAdenville   Christmastown USA, Is Open For Business!

Want more info?  The hours for experiencing the lights in McAdenville are as follows:

Monday through Friday 5:30-9:30pm and Saturday and Sunday 5:30 to 11pm, now through December 26th!ember 30

I suggest going during the weeknights, if possible, when lines are longer and the ride through is much easier.

lake view

All of these lovely photos, by the way, were taken by Steve Rankin.

Read more about McAdenville, it’s history, find out where you can buy the official ornament or t-shirt, by clicking here!

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