Check Out Holiday Traditions Around The World At Kannapolis Library Thursday Night!

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Christmas in Brazil, well, has a different ‘skew’ than what we’re used to here in the ‘states.  According to, Papai Noel’ is the gift bringer.  He lives in Greenland and when he arrives in Brazil, he’s usually wearing silk clothing, since it’s summertime!

In Greece, after some 40 days of fasting, the Christmas feast is a welcome sight for eyes, and a happy feeling for empty stomachs!  Pigs are slaughtered and christopsomo, or  ‘Christ Bread’ is on almost every table along with a cooked slaughtered pig.  The bread is sweet and made in various shapes and the crusts are engraved and decorated in some way that reflects the family’s profession.

Nicaragua “retains many of the customs of old Spain. In the weeks leading up to Christmas people stroll the streets where there are many things to buy: candles, Nativity pictures, toys and foods. Children carry fragrant bouquets to the alter of the Virgin and sing carols. On Christmas Eve, church bells beckon the people to Midnight Mass.”

Want to learn more about Christmas around the world?  You’re in luck.  There’s a special presentation of ‘Holiday Traditions Around the World,‘ this Thursday night (12/20) at 5:30 at the Kannapolis Library!

A vendor delivers Christmas trees on his tricycle

At least this guy’s trike-bike can handle his tree – my Miata’s pretty useless for tree transportation!

A child dressed as one of the Three Magi

Camels and candle, oh my!

Iraqi Christians light candles after att

Want more specifics?  Contact the library - Click here.

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