What’s It Like To Celebrate A Birthday Christmas Week??

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Would you like to share you birthday, or birthday week and celebration with the Christ child?  Well, some of us do!  And, for some of us, it’s blessing, and for others, it’s a birthday swept under the rug, almost forgotten, and/or dressed in Christmas wrapping.

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It’s Brenda Matthews, and I know.  Christmas week has always held more ‘meaning’ to me, because I was supposed to be born on Christmas Day.  I was also supposed to be a boy.  Surprise!  I was born on December 28th, 3 days after Christmas and 3 days before New Year’s Day.  And…it’s OK!

I’ve always enjoyed my birthday during the holiday week, and to their credit, my folks always made my day special.  My birthday was celebrated on the 28th, and with presents wrapped in birthday paper!  Now, my cousin Connie, who’s 3 days younger than I, born on the 31st, was an only child.  For some reason, her parents, my aunt and uncle, celebrated her birthday on Christmas Day.  To this day, she grumbles about this fact – and rightfully so!

Mass Baby Shower Held For Nellis AFB Spouses And Personnel

When people find out you’re a ‘Christmas baby,’ they always want to know if you feel or felt ‘shortchanged.’  I share with them my story.

Many celebrities also celebrate their birthdays during the holiday week.  Per FamousBirthdays.net, here’s a list of some of them:

December21:  Ray Romano, Keifer Sutherland

December 22:  Robin and Maurice Gibb (BeeGees), Diane Sawyer

December 23:  Eddie Vedder, Susan Lucci

December 24:  Ava Gardner and Howard Hughes

Margaritaville Casino At Flamingo Las Vegas Celebrates Grand Opening With World Record Margarita

December 25:  Jimmy Buffett, Sissy Spacek, Barbara Mandrell

December 26:  Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Phil Spector

December 27:  Heather O’Rourke, Gerard Depardieu

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Flight" - Red Carpet

December 28:  Denzel Washington, Edgar Winter, and yours truly!

December 29:  Jude Law, Ted Danson

December 30:   Tiger Woods, Julianne Moore

December 31:  Val Kilmer, Donna Summer

January 1:    Frank Langella (actor), J.Edgar Hoover


Happy Holidays – and just maybe, Happy Birthday!!!!

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