X-Factor Winner And My Thoughts

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(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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I’m not going to lie, I have slacked off during the second part of this season of X-Factor. Not for any reason in particular I’ve just been really busy. With that said the fact that the season finale was the other night definitely snuck up on me.

While I’m extremely happy for Tate Stevens, he’s the type of guy you definitely root for after hearing his story and knowing what kind of family man he is, however I do feel that there were more talented people who should’ve (?) won.

There’s no question we haven’t seen the last of Carly Rose Sonenclar or Fifth Harmony in my opinion and possibly a few others from the show as well.

As much as I like the show you really have to compare it to American Idol and to be quite honest…. American Idol has a proven track record. Now yes, X-Factor just finished their second season, but the winner of American Idol’s first season is about to release a Greatest Hits album…. I don’t even remember the winners name from X-Factor’s first season… wait here while I Google it….. Melanie Amaro that’s right… but what has she done besides star in a not so good Pepsi commercial?

I don’t mean any disrespect to Melanie Amaro or Tate Stevens they are both incredibly talented I just really want to see something come of it that’s all. Will Tate Stevens just take the 5 Million and walk away or will he be a superstar? I guess time will tell.

I do know one thing, it’s in Simon Cowell’s and the producers best interest that Tate Stevens becomes a huge star because people will be more willing to watch the show if they know a superstar will be found… for example; American Idol.

Here’s Tate Stevens “$5 Million Song”

Here’s Fifth Harmony’s “$5 Million Song” (I honestly think we will see more of them)

Here’s Carly Rose Sonenclar’s “$5 Million Song” (No question… she’ll get a record deal)

X-Factor’s Top 13 pay tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy…

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