Mom$ense: Super Doubles Start This Week

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Happy SAVINGS Year!

The holidays have me all out of whack and I am several days behind on this post. Super Doubles at Harris Teeter started yesterday.  (Glad my New Year’s resolution wasn’t to be more timely because I would have totally blown it already.) Following a 3 year pattern Harris Teeter did not disappoint avid couponers with their first 2013 coupon event.  Yes, there are people who follow the pattern of the coupon events.  I am not one of them, but I find that they are right 90% of the time.

Last night I sat down with my coupon binder and cleaned out all the expired coupons dated 12/31/12.  Let me tell you, there were A LOT of them.  December was a light coupon month as far as newspaper inserts were concerned and I am very behind in clipping the ones there were.  I’ve got a small pile of coupons to go through and I am pretty sure I am not going to make more than a trip or 2 over the next week.

So you don’t have many coupons saved up either?   Its your New Year’s Resolution to figure this whole coupon thing out?  Well fear not! There are things you can do to take advantage of super doubles even if you are behind the 8-ball.

1.  What are the 5-10 things you buy the most of?  Google your favorites and see what you come up.  Visit those products facebook pages while you are at it and Like them.  There are many coupons given out exclusively through social networking.

2. Internet Printable (IP) – There are lots of sites like Red Plum, , SmartSource where you can print coupons directly. Harris Teeter will accept these Internet printable coupons as long as their barcodes scan, so make sure you aren’t at the end of your ink cartridge when you print.

3. Load them on your shopper card.  Harris Teeter offers e-coupons called ZVRs that will automatically redeem on the items once you have them on your card. There were about 3 pages worth of coupons including tons of P&G products.  Procter & Gambles coupon values have been very low over the past year but this gives you the opportunity to “stack”. Use a paper coupon and get the ZVR on top.  Pair that with a sale price and you’ll get a good deal!

4. Sunday’s paper is scheduled to have 3 Smart Source coupon inserts and one Target Johnson & Johnson insert.  You’ll have a chance to use those Sunday coupons (not the Target only ones) during Harris Teeter Super Doubles Sunday-Tuesday.

5. RAINCHECKS – Shelves wiped out? Do a happy dance and head to customer service.  Even if you aren’t sure if something is a good deal or not you can be sure that if the shelves are wiped out it was.  Even if the price wasn’t the greatest its probably a product that has a history of good coupons.  So get the raincheck and save it until you can use it during the next SuperDoubles or Triples with a coupon.

6. Go to the SouthPark Coupon clippers meeting this Sunday at the Morrision Regional Library. This helpful group always has a nice stash of coupons to share and lots of friendly advice.  Visit their facebook page SouthPark Coupon Clippersfor more details on the meetings.

I know I’ve mentioned my friend over at Clip Save Give before but I got a post from her blog this morning that made my eyes pop out. She got $222.29 in groceries for $1 at Harris Teeter over the weekend.  So if you want motivation about what you can save be sure to check out this post. Good luck on your savings adventures in 2013. Drop me a line sometime and let me know how its going!

~Saving money is just MOM$ENSE

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