Awkward Family Pet Photos!

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China's Pet Business Booms
brenda Brenda Matthews 10am-3pm
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Yup, it’s ‘back-to-work’ for most of us after the holiday.  Maybe you need a smile, if not a good, solid belly-laugh after cleaning up the post-holiday mess at home, and at your workplace.  Here it is!

This is the site where you say to yourself  ‘no, they di-int! – but alas…they did.  And some of them did in their ’80’s finest.’

Dogs dress as a "wedding couple" pose fo

This conglomeration was put together by the website, and if you think you’ve seen it all, and I’ve seen those Walmart shoppers, too, well, you just haven’t.

Check out these, er, ‘puppies:’

Pet Products And Services In Huge Demand In China

Just sayin.
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