Could You Live With Just 100 Things?

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Brenda Matthews here, and my husband and I are preparing to move into a new place next week.  This time, it’s a ‘minimal’ move – just 7.8 miles from where we live now.  Our last move was a bear – we moved from a 1800 sq. ft.,  3/2 house with a pool in Florida to a 843 sq. ft, 1/1 cottage on Lake Wylie.  Talk about downsizing and shoe-horning your belongings!


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As I collect and fill the boxes at our little place, and now prepare to move into a 4/2  on 2 acres with a big detached garage and workshop, I’m wondering if I have enough things – especially furniture – to fill a much-larger space.  Then I remind myself…it’s cathartic to give away, donate, and live smaller.  I’ve done it before.  I’ve since adjusted my way of thinking, and now have come to the realization that the only things we’ll need to bring into our new home will be curtains and rods.  I have – we have – enough ‘stuff.’

There’s a movement out there to challenge you to live with just 100 things.  I know your wheels are turning.  Should shoes count as 1?  What about salt and pepper shakers, a ‘pair’ of pants, etc. and stereo speakers?  Sure! After all, it’s your life, and you make up your own ‘rules.’ reports that “people are so intrigued by the 100 Thing Challenge, a grass-roots movement in which otherwise seemingly normal folks are pledging to whittle down their possessions to a mere 100 items.”




Take Dave Bruno for example.  He “keeps a running tally on his blog,, of what he has decided to hold on to and what he is preparing to sell or donate. For instance, as of early June, he was down to five dress shirts and one necktie but uncertain about parting with one of his three pairs of jeans. “Are two pairs of jeans enough?!,” he asked in a recent posting.”


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Maybe living ‘smaller’ is the new ‘McMansion.’  We just live with what we love, what we use, and truly need everyday.  Things become less important, except the important things.

Any thoughts about this?  Do you think that you could do it?  What about your family heirlooms, collections and Christmas ornaments?  Would they all be ‘exceptions?’  I’d love to hear your thoughts, at


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