Appalling: 3 Year Old Tattooed While Mother Holds Him

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(Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

(Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

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Forgive me for a minute while I completely go ballistic on the worthless mother in this video… Actually I’m not even going to post the video here because it not only disturbed me when I watched it but filled me with rage. If you want to watch it.. Follow this link… but be warned it’s appalling.

What kind of mother would hold their 3 year old down and force that poor child to be tattooed?! I’m not a father yet so you might say I have no right to judge but this mother should be arrested immediately in my opinion.

If a video surfaced of a parent poking their child with a small needle that would be considered Child abuse…. correct? But it’s ok if that needle produces ink and the parent allows it to happen? So the question becomes is it the parents right to chose when the acceptable age is for their child to be tattooed?

On one side, in different cultures around the world, body art is apart of a child’s upbringing and is acceptable, if not even expected, at a young age. I’m  torn because I honestly feel that this is child abuse and this should NOT be acceptable anywhere but then again I’m not from Cuba and I don’t know if this is acceptable or part of their culture. I for one am mad at this mother, the tattoo artist and every other adult there watching as this poor defenseless child screams out of terror.

So, although I’m mad and feel that I have that right, is it ok for a parent to allow (or forcefully allow someone else to) tattoo their 3 year old child? Thoughts?

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