20 Of The Most Anticipated Films Of 2013

by Jennifer Hall
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Superheroes, franchises, and sci-fi flicks take center stage in 2013.

Names like Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Jackman, and Will Smith promise big box office returns. While the vision of prolific directors like Neill Blomkamp, J.J. Abrams, Baz Luhrmann, and Peter Jackson are sure to incite the imagination.

It’s no easy task narrowing down our top 20 picks for the year, but I’ve managed to pick out the most anticipated blockbuster hopefuls, obvious fan favorites, and creative works in film for 2013.

Which movies are you excited about seeing this year? What movies do you predict to be hits and which are fated to be misses?

Leave your comments below!

Iron Man 3

It’s the franchise that just won’t quit and for good reason.  Robert Downey, Jr. returns as Tony Stark in the third installment of the Iron Man films. With the success of its predecessors, the 2013 release promises big box office bucks.



Writer/director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) helms his next feature film with 2013’s Elysium. The narrative takes place in the year 2159 where the wealthy live on Elysium, an immaculate space station built by the Armadyne Corporation, and the rest of mankind live on a distressed Earth. The corrupt government, determined to keep the lines drawn between the haves and the have-nots, enforces the separation through harsh immigration laws.  Stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.


After Earth

Jaden Smith proves he’s not a little kid anymore when he reunites with his father, Will in After Earth.  This sci-fi thriller is directed by M. Knight Shyamalan. If well received, After Earth is the perfect vehicle for Jaden to establish himself as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors, and for Shyamalan to redeem himself from abysmal efforts like The Last Airbender. After Earth hits theaters this summer.



This 2013 release stars one of the most recognizable faces and one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood. Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman team up for Oblivion. Despite his turbulent personal life you can always count on Cruise to come through with riveting film work. Oblivion looks like another winner.


The Great Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio and buddy Toby Maguire join forces to resurrect F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s epic tale for the big screen in The Great Gatsby. DiCaprio takes over the role of Gatsby, immortalized in literature and onscreen in 1974 by Robert Redford. Carrie Mulligan plays Daisy Buchanan and Baz Luhrmann directs the talented cast. The Great Gatsby hits theaters this May.


Star Trek: Into Darkness

I have been an avid fan of J.J. Abrams since the early days of curly-haired Felicity. So when the super producer was billed to resurrect Star Trek for the big screen in 2009, I eagerly waited for the release and was not disappointed. Mr. Abrams proved that talent, like fine wine, gets better and better with time. In short, the film was amazing — a moment of silence for a successful reboot; they’re so few and far between. Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters in May and I am prepared for the same thrilling ride, “Beam me up Scotty!”


Anchorman the Legend Continues

Will Ferrell dons the burgundy blazer again! Ferrell and many of the players from the original Anchorman are back at it again!  The hilarity begins this December and this reunion promises to be a funny one.


Man of Steel

No one has been able to do justice in the role of Superman in film since the late, Christopher Reeve. In 2013 that could change. Man of Steel is a new take on the classic superhero and features fan favorite, Amy Adams as Lois Lane.


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The second film in the Hunger Games trilogy bursts into theaters in November. Jennifer Lawrence along with many of the cast from the original Games reprise their roles from the first film with the addition of talented actors like Jeffrey Wright as Beetee and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee.


White House Down

2012 Sexiest Man Alive, Channing Tatum, plays a Secret Service agent. Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx plays the President of the United States. Tatum has to protect the Pres after the White House is taken over by a paramilitary group. Hmmm interesting…Check out this White House Down first look. The film is set to be released this June.


The Wolverine

I am willing to see anything that Hugh Jackman is in because he is such an awesome actor. Combine immeasurable talent with one of the greatest Marvel comic book characters of all time, and you have a recipe for success. The Wolverine and his adamantium talons tear into theaters this summer.


Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz is the focal point of two films in 2013. The first is Oz the Great and Powerful, a prequel to the Wizard of Oz story that we have come to love and adore. Starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz. Everyone will be ushered to the Emerald city in March when this new Oz epic takes over theaters.


Dorothy of Oz

Retelling classic children’s stories seems to be all the rage lately. Just look at the success of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, NBC’s Grimm, the feature films Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Jack the Giant Slayer, and 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman — whew! In 2013 The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy is the focus of a new story in the animated film Dorothy of Oz. An all-star cast, led by Glee’s Lea Michele, lends their vocals to the film.


The Big Wedding

If you prefer “chick flicks” to sci-fi, fantasy, and action, The Big Wedding may be perfect for you. This upcoming 2013 release is a remake of the 2006 French film, Mon frère se marie. The American version features a talented ensemble cast including Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Susan Sarandon, Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace, Ben Barnes, and Robin Williams. The film is set to be released in April of 2013.


Pacific Rim

Giant alien life forms from beneath the sea…Idris Elba…director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth). I’d say that’s a great combination for a summer blockbuster! Pacific Rim hits theaters in July!


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Let’s journey to Middle Earth; the land of halflings, dwarfs, and wizards. The second part of Bilbo’s quest begins in theaters this December. The trailer is not currently completed but here is footage of director Peter Jackson and some of the cast speaking about the upcoming release, The Desolation of Smaug.


Disney’s Frozen

In this Disney animated musical, Gossip Girl’s Kristin Bell and Broadway powerhouse Idina Menzel are both featured in speaking and singing roles. Frozen is a loose adaptation of The Snow Queen fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson and will be released in theaters in November. There is no trailer currently available for the film, but check out this “Movie Byte” on the upcoming Disney flick.


Ender’s Game

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game tells of a future where children are trained as soldiers to ward off a hostile alien race. The film features Asa Butterfield, Viola Davis, Ben Kingsley, Harrison Ford and Abigail Breslin. Ender’s Game is scheduled to be released in November. Unfortunately there isn’t a trailer currently available but enjoy the latest updates on the film.


World War Z

Brad Pitt ventures into the sci-fi arena — or should I say horror? We are talking a zombie invasion here. Adapted from the post-apocalyptic novel by Max Brooks (Mel Brooks’s son), World War Z chronicles the outbreak of a zombie epidemic. The invasion begins this June!


The Host

Stephanie Meyer left many tweens agonizing over the end of the Twilight Saga films. Now the celebrated author has a new adaptation set to be released this year, The Host. Abandoning the realm of the vampire and werewolf, The Host is set in a distant future where aliens inhabit the bodies of humans. Of course, there is a love story interwoven in this modern-day Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The Host takes over theaters in March.


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