The 10 Best Darren Criss Performances On Glee For His 26th Birthday

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(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for eBay)

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for eBay)

If you’re an avid Glee fan, chances are you’re already well aware that Darren Criss (who plays Blaine Anderson on the show) is celebrating his 26th birthday today.  If you didn’t it’s okay, you can’t help but love every song this veteran musician touches.  Let’s face it, we loved this boy even when he was playing Harry Potter and his curly hair flopped around on stage like a model.  Since Darren’s introduction to the Fox hit TV show, he’s been given the chance to sing some of the biggest and best songs in music history and completely own them (yes, so what if we’re swooning already?).

We’ve lived through the drama, excitement, fear and heartbreak along with his high school character since he began and can’t help but feel like we’re all celebrating today.  Oh and Darren, if you’re reading this can you please tell Ryan Murphy that Kurt and Blaine were made for each other and our poor hearts can’t take it anymore?

Anyway, to get on with the celebration, we’ve found 10 of our favorite Darren Criss songs and performances on the show and want to see if you agree with our top pick.

10.  Hopelessly Devoted To You

When Blaine’s boyfriend Kurt moves to New York after graduation, the distance pays a toll on their relationship.  The lack of intimacy and emotional connection caused Blaine to make a big mistake by cheating on Kurt.  While he deals with the mental strain and consequences of his decision, he sings this Grease hit.

9.  Perfect

This uplifting hit from Pink seems to be the perfect anthem for Glee, which tells the strong message that no one’s perfect but we’re all special in our own ways.

8.  Cough Syrup

In this emotional version of the Young The Giant hit, Blaine sings background as Dave deals with the stress of bullying after coming out to the world of his sexual orientation.

7.  Barely Breathing

The strain of distance is shown between Kurt & Blaine and Rachel & Finn with this Duncan Sheik cover.  Of course, the most heartbreaking moment was Blaine’s small smile when he finally found a moment where someone cared. (We didn’t tear up, I swear).

6.  It’s Not Right But It’s Okay

Drama unfolds when Blaine thinks Kurt cheated on him with another guy named Chandler.  Mix it with a dramatic dark stage scene and dancers in all black with an impressive light show and there’s no way to deny Whitney Houston would be proud!

5.  Animal

For the brief time Kurt transferred the Blaine’s original school, Dalton Academy, only a few numbers were performed on Glee.  This Neon Trees cover was sung as the Warblers tried to find a more ‘sexy’ side to their performances.

4.  Somewhere Only We Know

When Kurt makes his way back to McKinley after his short stint at Dalton Academy, Blaine and his Warblers sing this Keane hit to give emotion to the big goodbye.

3.  It’s Time

Imagine Dragons made their way into the music scene with their massive hit “It’s Time”, which made the perfect soundtrack for Blaine to tell Kurt it was time for him to go to New York and pursue his dreams.

2.  Somebody That I Used To Know

Family troubles come to fruition when Blaine is reunited with his brother Cooper but things don’t fare so well.  Throughout the episode Blaine struggles with his relationship with his brother though he finally decides to forgive him while performing this famous Gotye song.

1.  Teenage Dream

By far one of the most emotional and upsetting scenes for Blaine & Kurt fans.  While visiting Kurt in New York, Blaine performs this acoustic version of the Katy Perry hit while tears run down his face.  This is also the only time Glee has aired a performance of a song that was performed live and not prerecorded.

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