K’s Ways To Save: Spring Cleaning Savings

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With Spring being right around the corner, everyone will be ready to do some heavy duty cleaning of their homes as the good weather comes back.  But you shouldn’t have to spend a ton of money to spruce up your home.

On this week’s K’s Ways To Save, learn some tips on how you can save money while cleaning out your cluttered home.

-Overpriced cleaning swipes are disposable and can be expensive to constantly purchase throughout the year.  You can make your own cleaning solution with products found in your pantry or local pharmacy.  Combine a few ounces of White Vinegar, a few drops of Tea Tree oil, and a few ounces of Castile Soap with a cup of water.  The solution can clean stainless steel and other surfaces the same way your expensive solutions do at home.

-Use old washcloths or t-shirts to wipe off surfaces instead of paper towels.  You can reuse them, and they’re free!

-Donate your clutter to the Goodwill to maybe help out come tax time next year.  Or, sell some of that stuff on online websites like EBAY to get some money for your junk.

-Replace the AC Filter.  A dirty filter can add a slight incline to your electricity bill.

-Clean the dust off of your refrigerator coils and vacuum cleaners.

-You can shine silver with toothpaste and shine copper with ketchup.

-To clean your microwave, avoid using numerous paper towels.  Heat a microwave safe bowl with water for 15 minutes on high.  The steam will knock off some of the gunk and you can clean out with one paper towel.

What are some of your Spring Cleaning money saving tips? Let us know in the Comment Section below.

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