K’s Ways To Save: Celebrate Easter On A Budget

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Adam Berry/Getty Images

Adam Berry/Getty Images

Easter is almost here, and we want you to save money this year as you gear up to celebrate the holiday with your family!

On this week’s Money Saving Monday, learn tips on how to save cash on Easter decorations and egg dyeing. Then, let us know how your family saves money on Easter by speaking out in our Comment Section below.

*) Always look for Easter savings coupons in newspapers and online starting 2-3 weeks before Easter occurs.

*) Easter baskets don’t have to be filled with expensive stuff. Family Dollar, Family Tree, and other pharmacies offer cheap toys and candy that can fill the basket better than shopping at more expensive department stores.

*) Reuse your Easter baskets each year.

*) Shop for your Easter decorations after the holiday occurs. You can find huge super savings on all Easter decorations, and you can just put in your holiday closet and keep them for next year.

*) Vinegar, food coloring, and water are the only ingredients you need to dye easter eggs. Avoid buying the expensive Easter egg dying kits and have fun making the egg colors on your own.

*) Don’t use the green fake grass for your Easter egg baskets. Green tissue paper left over from Christmas wrapping presents can do the trick.

What tips do you have to save money during Easter? Let us know in the Comment Section below.

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