Who’s Sold The Most Concert Tickets In The Last 10 Years?

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(Photo by Justin Barlow/Getty Images for MTV Base)

(Photo by Justin Barlow/Getty Images for MTV Base)

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Out of all of the artists out there who would you think has sold more concert tickets in the last 10 years? U2, Madonna, Dave Matthews, Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen would all be very good guesses considering how massive they are in the music industry however, none of them beat out Country Superstar Kenny Chesney!

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, since 2003 Kenny Chesney has sold 9.8 million concert tickets for a gross of $608.6 million, according to Pollstar. The next closest to him in ticket sales is, my personal favorite to see live, Dave Matthews.

Bruce Springsteen has sold an impressive 5.5 million tickets over the last 10 years for a gross of $460.5 million.

I do remember throughout High School every summer my group of friends would all make plans to go to the Kenny Chesney concert at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, in fact even now, years later married with kids and all, I bet if I were to show up at his show next time he comes to town I would run into half the people I went to school with.

So to me it’s not surprising to see Kenny Chesney top this list. However, after reading this article it’s gotten me thinking…. I’ve been to a number of great concerts over the years so who puts on the best live show? Here are my Top 5!

5. Rascal Flatts – I don’t know if I would consider them “Amazing Live”. Gary LeVox has an amazing voice in studio but can get a little “pitchy” live. However, they do put on a great show.

4. John Mayer – Incredible live… you know he’s talented when you listen to his albums but you really get an appreciation for his talent when you see him in Concert.

3. Keith Urban – He opened for Kenny Chesney during one of the concerts I went to in High School and was amazing… I’ve always wanted to see him in concert again but haven’t been able to!

2. Michael Buble – Talk about a show! My goodness he is phenomenal Live… I kid you not. My wife and I went to his show two years ago when he came through town and I knew it would be a good show but he completely surpassed all of my expectations. One really cool thing was at the end of the show… he came back out after the curtains were closed and with NO Band and, amazingly, with NO MIC he sang a song accapella and you could hear every word he sang no matter where you sat! Impressive. He’s coming to town October 26th and I highly suggest you go… you wont be disappointed.

1. THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND – I can honestly say that Dave Matthews is BETTER live than he is in studio. You don’t hear that very often these days but in this case it is absolutely true. I liked a few of his songs prior to seeing him live but when I left his show… I was hooked. I’m a huge huge fan of Dave Matthews and appreciate his talents so much more now. There is a reason why he sells out every show while at the same time having very little radio play. I’ll admit his music isn’t for everyone but if you like even one of his songs… go see him Live and you’ll like all of his songs!

I know I left out Kenny Chesney but I figure since he’s beaten everyone listed here in ticket sales it was pointless to list him here.

I would really suggest reading the Wall Street Journals article. Very good!

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