The Sides Of Celebrities You May Not Know

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(Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

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What’s you’re passion?

We all have our hobbies, the things that we like to spend time and money on, when we have downtime.  They’re the things that we enjoy doing aside from the obvious ways we make a living, although IT might be enjoyable, too!

Brenda Matthews here.  I, for one, am a ‘junker.’  I love to browse thrift shops/antique shops and find something that I can fix up, or re-imagine into something totally different.  Below, I bought this headboard/footboard that wasn’t selling as-is in an antique store in Belmont.  My hubby did the construction, and I painted, stained and sealed it, and now it’s a fabulous bench!

Before bench

Headboard ‘before’

Blue bench1

Headboard/footboard bench ‘after!’

Now, celebrities – movie stars and the like, have their own ‘thing,’ too!  Many are musicians, some are pilots, some like to do some of the things that you and I like to do…read on:

Nicholas Cage and Seth Meyers – read and collect comic books!

Lorne Michaels Receives The Seventh Annual Mark Twain Prize


Model Claudia Schiffer?  She collects insects!

Robert Pattison plays guitar, Keano Reaves plays bass, Kevin Bacon and his brother are ‘The Bacon Brothers‘ and tour as such, and Clint Eastwood plays blues and jazz piano!


Taylor Swift makes snow-globes – how do you do that??

Tiger Woods likes to spearfish!

John Travolta and golfer Phil Mickelson like to fly planes.   Morgan Freeeman loves to fly planes AND helicopters, too!

2013 CMT Music Awards - Arrivals

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Nicole Kidman loves to play Nintendo!

Tom Cruise, David Beckham and Will Smith love Fencing!

Leonardo DiCaprio has the Peter Pan syndrome – he still collects action figures!

Rod Stewart and Neil Young collect model trains.

Best Of The Best

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images).

It’s a well known fact that Jay Leno collects and works on cars!

Tom Hanks collects old typewriters! He says, “I have almost 200 old portable manual typewriters. Most of them are actually working and I keep them rotating,”

See more interesting celebrity pastimes and hobbies at and

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