10 Ways You’re Driving Him Away

By: QC Writer
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(Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

(Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

(CBS Radio) — It’s no secret that relationships require a certain amount of effort, understanding, and communication between the couple to ensure that the relationship remains healthy.

But, have you ever wondered what else you should do or say to ensure that you have a healthy relationship? Or, more importantly perhaps, things that you shouldn’t say or do in a relationship?

Women tend to over-analyze everything, especially things pertaining to their man. Unfortunately, over-analyzing your man can lead to arguments, hurt feelings, and can ultimately drive your guy away. Past over-analyzing, there are certain things that you should steer clear of…

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1. Men tend to measure their worth by how successful they are or how hard they work. If you constantly nag your man about his job, or ahem, lack of job — it can be detrimental to your relationship. It’s best to talk about his job in a positive way, and to not make the discussion sound like a personal attack.

2. Have you ever had a conversation about your girlfriend’s man in front of your man? Or, has your girlfriend ever put her man down while your guy was around? This is dangerous territory, as it sends the signal that you talk about your guy when he’s not around too.

3. Men like women who are confident … complaining or obsessing about “how big your butt is getting,” or how much you want a nose job sends the wrong message and may eventually become a big turn off.

4. This one seems so obvious we shouldn’t have to write it, but … if things become too predictable in the bedroom, as in the same thing, the same way, at the same time, your man is going to get bored. So change it up and keep it interesting.

5. Believe it or not, a lot of men crave affection and attention. If he doesn’t feel valued, or if he feels that your affection is lacking or forced, he’s likely to start looking elsewhere for the things lacking in your relationship.

6. Men like to be providers, it makes them feel validated and needed. This can be hard for the independent woman to accept, but you should try to allow him to provide for you — at least a little bit. After all, if he doesn’t feel like you need him, he will find someone else who does need him.

7. Are you bossy? Trust us on this, bossing your man around makes him feel like he is in a relationship with his mother — and no man really wants that. Avoid sounding like his mother.

8. Men admire women who they feel comfortable venting to. They want to be heard and want you to listen. If your man feels that you are not genuinely interested in what he has to say, he’ll likely start looking for someone who does show an interest.

9. Not to sound shallow, but men don’t like it when you let yourself go. Gaining five pounds is one thing, gaining 50 pounds however, is a different story. Enough said.

10. Men like women who can be spontaneous. Making plans for everything, all the time — gets old.

-QC Writer, CBS Radio

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