Top 10 April Fool’s Pranks!

by Jennifer Hall
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(Photo by Jeff Topping/Getty Images for IMG)

(Photo by Jeff Topping/Getty Images for IMG)

Tis the season for practical jokes, hilarious hoaxes, and gut-busting gestures!

With April Fool’s Day only a day away it’s time to get creative with our family and friends.

A great prank doesn’t have to be elaborate check out our Top 10 April Fool Pranks!

10.) Mayo Moisturizer

Secretly replace the lotion in your victim’s lotion bottle with mayonnaise!

9.) Auto Sale

Put a “For Sale” notice on your victim’s car. Include a very low list price along with your victim’s phone number!

8.) Mummified

Toilet paper your victim’s car or home!

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

7.) Feng Shui Craze

Rearrange the furniture in a person’s room or work area. This will completely catch them off-guard.

6.) Door Waterfall

This is a simple classic prank. Balance a small cup of water on top of a partially open door and wait for the waterfall!

5.) Icky Sticky Doorknob

Add Vaseline to a doorknob and watch your victim respond!

4.) Cell Phone Hide and Go Seek

Snag your victim’s cell phone and hide it somewhere they’ll never find it. Then start calling them, while keeping your phone hidden. Watch them freak out while searching for their phone.

(Photo by PHILIPPE LOPEZ:AFP:Getty Images)

(Photo by PHILIPPE LOPEZ:AFP:Getty Images)

3.) Sugar Swap

Replace sugar with salt and vice versa! Imagine that nice salty cup of coffee or that sweet plate of eggs!

2.) While You Were Sleeping

This prank is perfect for sound sleepers. While they’re catching zzz’s draw a mustache on their face with an eyebrow pencil or fill their hands with whip cream!

1.) Bugging Out

Purchase plastic bugs and place them throughout your victims home or work area! Try freezing one in a cube of ice and give your victim a glass of ice tea and ant!


*Bonus: Ghost in the Computer

Plug a wireless mouse up to your victim’s computer. Hide in a nearby location and use the mouse to create spooky situation.

*Bonus: Accidentally on Purpose

At work or at home a find or create paper that looks similar to papers that your victim has on his or her desk. Remove the real paper and spill something messy all over the fake project. Watch your victim have a major heart attack!



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