10 Ways Life Would Be Better If Kids Ruled The World

By Lauren Levine
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The world can be a scary place sometimes. Every time you turn on the TV, there’s another news story that makes you cringe. In fact, sometimes you might wish that kids ruled the world. Instead of bombings and politics and religion, we’d have instant friendships and macaroni and cheese at all hours. So what else could we expect if children ruled the world? Probably a little of this:

        1. Mandatory naps every day for everyone. Regardless of your age or occupation, you get tired at about 3 p.m. Take a little catnap. It’s the law.
        2. Pizza would become the national food. Serve it often. Bonus points if there are no veggies involved.
        3. Honesty would definitely be the best policy. Have you ever met a little kid who holds back? Nope. They say exactly what they’re thinking. This blunt approach would actually make business dealings much easier. No beating around the bush. Plus, you would never get into the car after a meeting only to discover that you have spinach in your teeth and wonder why no one told you!
        4. When things get heated at work, dance parties are required. Sometimes adult life gets stressful. Let’s solve that by shaking, wiggling, and maybe even twerking that anxiety away. Pick your favorite song and go.
        5. You eat what you want for breakfast, okay? No more of this fiber-rich cereal or egg white business. If you want that cookie, you eat it. And you don’t think twice.
        6. You’d get big points for sharing. If you can master sharing, you might expect to get a raise or promotion. Giving up your favorite item so someone else can use it is tough, and you deserve some credit. You lent your neighbor that book you just finished and you should be rewarded handsomely.
        7. It’s okay to cry in public. No more stiff upper lip. When you’re waiting too long at the doctor’s office or you have to give a big presentation, it’s okay to let it all out. Kicking and screaming on the floor is allowed. Other people will be doing it too, so there’s no judgment.
        8. Relationships wouldn’t be so complex. No more of this “what did he mean by this text message?” if kids were in charge. He lent you a pen during that meeting? When can we expect a “save the date”? Change your mind? Don’t worry, you’ll find someone new tomorrow. No drama, no tears.
        9. It’s okay to let someone else deal with things. When life gets too overwhelming, you can simply cry and let the adults figure things out. Don’t feel bad about it. Kids do it all the time and it seems to be a good strategy!
        10. Procrastination is totally acceptable. Children love to tell you they’ll do that chore in five minutes or “later.” If they were in charge, we would all adopt this method. Don’t know how to write that awkward e-mail? Save it for later. Go roll around on the floor and drink some chocolate milk. Totally fine.


What other parts of adult life would be infinitely better if kids were in charge? Let us know in the comments!

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