Top 10 Social Media Do’s And Don’ts When In A Relationship

By: QCWriter
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(Photo credit FADEL SENNA/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo credit FADEL SENNA/AFP/GettyImages)

While social media paved the way for the world to communicate like never before, more and more people share a plethora of information about themselves online, and their relationship is no exception. When it comes to your love life, what you divulge on social media says a lot about you.

It also paints a rather colorful picture to what would otherwise be a private connection that you share with another person.

In truth, sharing personal information online about your relationship shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, at the end of the day, you are in a relationship with your significant other, not Facebook, therefore, you should be very careful about what type of relationship information you put out there.

Here are some helpful guidelines:

1. You just started seeing someone and you are really into them, great! But, just remember … there is a big difference between love and lust. Just as it’s not a good idea to throw yourself at your significant other in the beginning, it isn’t wise to throw your relationship on Facebook either. The beginning of a relationship is very delicate and fragile. The two of you are just getting to know each other, and it takes time to build a strong bond and trust — two things that can easily be destroyed on Facebook with just one status update. Rather than share your new relationship on Facebook right away, take it slow. It’s best to wait at least a month before making it Facebook official.

2. Be careful about tagging your new significant other in the beginning of a relationship, and definitely don’t kiss and tell. The new guy or girl in your life may be scared off if you tag them in a “first kiss” moment, or you don’t tag them, but write about what a great kisser they are. You get the drift.

3. If you are fighting with your better half, be respectful. While it might be tempting to vent on Facebook, the truth is, airing your dirty laundry is dangerous territory. Not only do your friends not need to know that your boyfriend/girlfriend wronged you, cheated, or called you a choice word during a fight, sharing this type of information can also lead to the end of your relationship for a variety of reasons. For starters, if people of the opposite sex believe that there is trouble in paradise, they may be more likely to flirt with you and more. Given your vulnerable state, you may be more receptive to their advances. Also, never post a selfie with a friend of the opposite sex if you know it will make your boyfriend or girlfriend jealous. Lastly, don’t flirt with people on your wall, or add flirtatious comments in the comment section of your news feed.

4. Perhaps everything is going great in your relationship. Guess what, your Facebook friends don’t want to see daily status updates about your relationship, pictures of you cuddling, or writing on each others wall. Anything in excess, shoved down someone’s throat is overkill. If you are proud of your relationship and your significant other and want the world to know, great! Just keep in mind that they don’t need daily reminders. Additionally, your Facebook friends will tune you out, hide your posts, or unfriend you if you saturate their news feed with the same type of  posts over and over. While you may be in a happy relationship, one of your Facebook friends could be going through a break up or a divorce, and let’s face it, your happy relationship posts irritate them and/or push them further into depression. To avoid this, change up your posts and keep it interesting.

5. This should be a no-brainer, but keep it clean. No one needs to see half-naked pictures of you, and your boyfriend may have second thoughts if you share sexy selfies. He may question your motives and wonder if you are trying to attract the attention of other guys.

6. Once you are in a committed relationship, it is not wise to use social media to meet new people, no matter how innocent the idea seems (trust us, it’s not.) Social media, when used to communicate and get to know other people of the opposite sex for personal reasons, is emotional cheating. Enough said!

7. Just because you are in a relationship, doesn’t mean you need to add all of your significant others Facebook friends, or vice versa. Some of the healthiest relationships are those where you can have at least a few friends who you don’t have to
share with your partner.

8. If possible, avoid checking your boyfriend or girlfriend’s Facebook wall. In general, Facebook is not healthy for your relationship. It is very easy to misinterpret something that one of their Facebook friends said on their wall, or you could over-analyze their status update and take it out of context.

9. Your main interaction between you and your significant other should be one-on-one and not via social media. Together, you should make moments count, not count each others Facebook likes and comments as part of growing in your relationship.

10. Don’t exchange social media passwords with your significant other, or share a Facebook account. While you may have nothing to hide, snooping is not healthy in a relationship and your significant other does not need to keep track of every Facebook notification you receive, etc. Also, it is healthy to maintain your individuality in a relationship. Sharing a Facebook account tends to limit your individuality.

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