Top 8 Relationship Myths About Men

By: QCWriter
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Courtesy of istockphoto

Courtesy of istockphoto

Too often, men are surrounded by unwarranted stereotypes regarding how they view relationships, women and everything in between.

What’s more, a woman tends to have one bad experience with a man she has dated and afterwards, she paints the entire male species with a broad brush.

It’s unfortunate.

Granted, there are some men in the dating pool that are not worth a woman’s time, but this is not the norm.

In truth, there are more good guys out there than bad, however, far too many women have become jaded and their future relationships suffer, as does the new man in her life. A woman’s misguided perceptions about men and relationships can prevent her from finding true love because she keeps her guard up, instead of submitting to the relationship.

So ladies, what do you have wrong about men and relationships? Read on if you dare to find out…

8. Most men will break up with you, especially after he gets what he wants out of the relationship. Think about it, does that even really make sense? Of course, there are some male players out there and they may move on after having sex with you, however, most men really do long for a relationship. However, it’s possible that your reactions contribute to him deciding early on if he sees himself being with you for an extended period of time. Most men view sex just as women do, it’s not just about the physical act of intimacy, it’s connection based. Given the choice, most men will choose a healthy relationship over a one night stand.

7. Men only care about how a woman looks. This is actually the farthest thing from the truth. It is true that men are more visual than women, so perhaps the initial attraction is sparked by how a woman looks, but once the connection has been made, a man could care less about the 10 extra pounds you’ve gained since the two of you started dating. In truth, he does not even notice the extra weight. A man who really loves a woman does not notice superficial flaws to the degree that a woman notices them about herself.

6. Women are more committed to a relationship than men are. Again, this is an inaccurate assumption. The aloof male may exist in some relationships, but it is not the norm, and the existence of that aloofness may actually just be an act. Deep down, men care deeply about their relationship. The fact that more men cannot cope and/or commit suicide after a break up than women is a telltale sign of just how much they do care about their relationships.

5. Men have trouble committing. Most women can name at least one, if not two men who would date her tomorrow if the situation presented itself. Problem is, they are clinging to the one guy who won’t commit. In that situation, a woman is holding on to a man who is probably emotionally unavailable, and isn’t looking to settle down.

4. A man should know how to treat a woman. Actually, men really have no idea what his girlfriend wants. In this case, it is important to communicate your expectations and/or needs. Men are not mind readers, and their perceptions may not be in line with your thoughts or feelings, and therefore, believing that your boyfriend knows what you do and don’t want is dangerous territory. Additionally, a lot of women will become angered with their boyfriend for things he didn’t do, but she wanted him to do it. Let’s be clear, this is not their fault. In a lot of ways, men have lost their place in society. Women are confusing. Half the time, they want to be independent and the other half of the time they want to be taken care of. Men are hardwired to be providers, so naturally when he enters into a relationship with an overly independent woman, it can cause a lot of issues in their relationship.

3. Men are not as affectionate as women. If a man is not acting affectionate, it’s because he is putting too much emphasis on the stereotype that says he needs to act like a macho male. The right man is loving, nurturing, caring, understanding, and affectionate. The idea that men only want sex, sex, and more sex isn’t true. The longing for love and intimacy lies directly next to the region of the brain that controls thirst and hunger. What does this mean, you wonder? It means that love, and not just sex, is just as important to men as women.

2. Your boyfriend should be your best friend. Please read that again, and ask yourself if your boyfriend is really your BEST friend. The answer is NO! His real best friend is someone he can watch a game with, without a whole lot of interaction between them, or one of his buddy’s who he can go out drinking with. Your best friend is the one girlfriend you gossip with, cry with for no reason, and tell anything to. Men are wired to fix whatever is wrong and will instinctively protect the woman in his life, but because there is nothing he can do to fix the situation you are gossiping about, he will likely tune you out after a couple of sentences. Again, this is not his fault. He will have a hard time following along, because he cannot understand the point of the story.

1. We should be ‘Facebook Official’ after a couple of dates. Real life doesn’t happen on Facebook, so you shouldn’t but too much stock into the lack of a relationship change on the social media platform. It’s one thing if his facebook profile still says ‘single’ after you’ve been dating for a while, but it’s not necessary to change in the very beginning of a relationship. Besides, a man will tell you everything about how he views you by how he introduces you. If he introduces you as his friend, then guess what, that is how he sees you. However, if he introduces you as his girlfriend, regardless of if the two of you have had a conversation about your relationship status, he views you as his girlfriend. And, if you want to continue to be his girlfriend, you shouldn’t start talking about marriage, settling down, or having children anytime soon. Likewise, if you don’t want to be his girlfriend, you should start planning “the wedding.” Your “relationship”  will go down in history as the shortest relationship ever!

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