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K’s Parenting Corner: What A Difference A Year Makes!

The picture above shows how much my daughter has changed in a year. The picture on the left was her on Thanksgiving morning last year and the picture on the right was her on Thanksgiving […]


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Ellen Hilariously Spoofs ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Trailer

I am not afraid to say that I love Ellen and thoroughly enjoy her show. There are so many reasons to love Ellen…. The way that she gives back to families in need or the […]


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K’s Parenting Corner: Homework For The Sake Of Giving It?

I read a very interesting article today by Andrew Dunn, who covers education for the Charlotte Observer, that talked about CMS making a slight change to their  instructional policy about homework. You can read the whole […]


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Here’s Your Adorable Dog Video Of The Week

Who would’ve thought that watching a 2 minute video of a dog trying really really hard to get a tater tot would be the highlight of my day? I kid, spending time with my daughter […]


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Idina Menzel & Michael Buble Sing A Christmas Classic! Plus The Video Is A Must Watch

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas with the temperatures being as low as they have been in recent days. It already looks like Christmas here in the K104.7 Studios! We don’t wait until […]


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“All About That Baste” – The Holderness Family Is Back Again With A Thanksgiving Parody

Two facts about this blog. 1) You’ve heard the song “All About That Bass” and are probably over it by now. 2) You’ve heard of the Holderness Family – The North Carolina Family behind such […]


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K’s Parenting Corner: Top 5 Parenting Tips That Changed My Life

The minute you announce that you or your spouse are expecting, there’s on thing you can count on and that is getting a lot of advice from every single person you know who already have […]


Matthew McConaughey was a rotary exchange student and shoveled chicken coops in Australia

Watch: Power Wheels Put Their Spin On Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Commercials

It seems like everyone has spoofed the Lincoln commercials featuring Matthew McConaughey. From Ellen to Jim Carrey on SNL and now Fisher Price is putting their spin on it. You just have to watch. My […]


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Watch Taylor Swift Sing The National Anthem At 12 Years Old

I can’t believe this…. I really can’t believe that I’m blogging about Taylor Swift two days in a row. None-the-less it is happening. There’s a ton of buzz surrounding Swifty with the release of her […]


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A Violin Cover Of “Shake It Off” Is The Best Thing I’ve Seen This Week

It’s only Tuesday and there’s already a winner of the interwebs this week! Charly and Margaux make up the string duo Chargaux, who not only seem to be taking over the interwebs with their incredible […]



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