Fashion Friday

Cool And Crisp Clothes For Weekend, Perfect For Spring!

As many, if not all of us prepare to turn the page to a new spring season, we begin by cleaning out closets, homes and drawers of clothes… and believe it or not , you […]


Gettin’ Ready For The Weekend!

OK…so the weekend  is here and it is all about the parties! So what do you wear during the day to the  parties? How do you strut your stuff and night? Let’s examine all of […]


Oh, The Fun Of Being Flat!

There is a current shoe trend that has women “flat on their feet”, literally! Aside from being sexy, it also gives our gorgeous feet a break from the heels. So let’s explore the fun and […]


How To Dress 10 Lbs. Lighter!

There is tremendous power in the way you dress… it can make or break your spirit, your interaction with others and even how much you actually weigh! This “Fashion Show Friday” we will examine the […]



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